Your Local Insight at Goa…. Checklist of Special Charms in Goa

Goa, is it your pick of this post-puja vacation? All over India and even from abroad people thrive for holiday in Goa as it has the sum total of all best pleasures added with natural picturesque. The best season to visit Goa is during and after Diwali, i.e., October to February with modest and most preferable climate. It has more than 25 mesmerizing beaches and sand stretch with a lot of water sports, yoga, spa, massage, nightlife, sanctuaries, mountain furry, falls and seafood. Indulging resorts with luxury facilities all that can accomplish your dream holiday is set here. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and waterskiing are special adventures of this place. Let us take you across the details of Goa which can guide you best in your upcoming visit here.

Natural Grandeur

For most of nature and fun lovers, Indian tourist destination is Goa because of its natural grandeur, heritage sites, and other pleasuring activities. Focusing on the natural beauty first comes to its sand stretches and sea beaches with blue water, palm groves, sunbath spots, a lot of water sports and revitalizing yoga and spa packages. If you are a nature lover then your must-to-visit spots are:

  • Beaches – Baga, Candolin & Calangute. Baga is a popular beach on the north with more crowd of family and friends. Whereas Calangute is on the south of Goa where you can just be with yourself or your mate lavishing some special moments. Benalium, Majorda, Varca, Cavelossim, Palolem and also other 25 exclusive beaches are there.
  • Falls – Dudhsagar falls is an awesome natural grandeur and furry too that you cannot afford to miss out. Arvalem waterfall is also one of the other of its kind.
  • Sanctuary & Wildlife – Netravali, Mhadei, Bhagwan Mahabir are three main sanctuaries of Goa. Apart from that, there are many other natural sanctuaries that esteem the interior beauty of Goa. A lot of Indian animals and birds are aboded here. Apart from that many other exotic and extinct animals are also there.

Sports and Adventures

The best part of Goa Vacation is its sports and adventure. Waterskiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, white water rafting, banana boats, wakeboarding, water scooters, cruising and lot more are the daytime adventure delving this blue lagoon. Paragliding, Jet Ski, a hot air balloon ride is some more on the line. Apart from that fishing is yet another fun when you catch your fish throughout the day and at night get the barbecue dinner with the same!

Casino Gambling is one of the important activities that add to the charm of Goa. Casino gambling inside ships or resort is a royal pleasure of Goa. It is absolutely legal there as it is going on for centuries since the Portuguese period.

Nightlife of Goa

The nightlife of Goa is full of fun, masti, music, dance, and club. The night is spurted with parties in various mode and music. DJ, trance, psychedelic music, no noise with headphones are array on the variation. With that continental food, drinks and cocktail parties are extravagant.

Apart from that Goa market, forts, old Portuguese structure, tattoos, massage session and lot more is going to carry out your vacation at Goa as ever rememberable.