Calan Bosch Menorca Family Resort

Arenal den Castell

This resort lies above a horseshoe bay with an almost enclosing headland on the horizon. It also means, the water here is shallower, calmer and warmer due to the very shallow fall of the fine sandy beach into the water. All this making this just about the most photographed resort beach on the island. Located mainly (500m) behind the beach Arenal den Castell caters to package holiday Hotel guests while the independent holidaymaker will find most of the Villas in the newly developed headland of Punta Grossa with its easy access to the beautiful beach.

The beach is backed with sand dunes, rising to higher ground on which the resort sits – giving a natural backdrop when you are on the beach.

Cala en Bosch

Cala en Bosch is the closet thing the island has to a ‘large’ purpose built holiday resort – the resort probably has the biggest offering of package holiday hotels and apartments. Cala en Bosch melts into Son Xoriguer each having its own ‘house beach’.

As such Cala en Bosch offers the most childrens entertainments on the island. There is an Aquapark, karting track and extensive ( for Menorca standards) varying childrens entertainments, indoors and outdoors. Boats from the attractive Marina offers trips along the south coast so mums can experience a little bit of beach paradise too. The quieter areas to the west of the Marina have holiday villas and a commercial area serving these self caterers.

Cala en Porter

Cala en Porter has probably THE best beach for children on this island. Set in a large beautiful inlet the beach is protected and you can walk out many many meters on the fine sandy bottom. It has fantastic views from beach as it is set in a nature reserve. And with rocks fringing the entire length of the inlet snorkel fans will have hours of fish watching fun. The resort caters for a mix of packaged and independent holidaymakers. In the centre there is a small fun park for younger children. Being close to Mahon it also offers excursions into the capital for lots more to see and do.


Binibeca is distinctly relaxed with most accommodation in private holiday homes. There is just a single low rise hotel and a few smaller private hotels. Appealing to families with younger children and couples with a dreamy picturesque deep beach in a headland protected cove. The well known mock fishing village at Binibequer Vell is an attractve visit and also offers relaxing bars and restaurants for lunch and evening enjoyment. The emphasis here is on relaxed!

The Restaurant, bars and commercial areas are at the resorts two ends. Binibquer Vell and Binibeuer Nou which blends into neighbouring Cala Torret.