Some Tricks Family Flight

When you start packing for the flight, you should make sure each of your kids has a carry-on bag with some games or books to keep them all entertained while you’re aloft. Once the novelty of being thirty thousand feet above the Earth has worn off, they could easily become restless in their confined quarters so you need something fun for them to do.

For your smallest children you can pack books to read to them, along with one or tow of their favorite plush toys to help them feel secure. Your older kids can bring along their video games, DVD players, playing cards, or books.

No matter what you do don’t forget to pack snacks for your kids. Many airlines have given up their in-flight meals, and the ones which still serve them don’t always have food which appeals to kids. While you can arrive at the airport early enough to get snacks after you’ve cleared the security check lands, airport food is notoriously expensive Your best option is to make sure everyone leaves home on a full stomach, and that you’ve reserved one carry-on bag with a favorite snack for each child.

Remember that the airlines have now placed limits on the amount of bottled liquids you can carry through security. So bring along an empty container and fill it with water from an airport fountain before your board your flight, if you don’t want to spend the money on airport sodas. You don’t want your kids to become dehydrated during your flight.

You can carry a single bottle of formula if you’re flying with an infant. Be sure to pack some formula powder with your baby’s supplies to mix with some of that airport water if you need it. You can also brink small bottles of juice for your older kids, but check with the airline in advance to make sure they’re the right size.

It’s critical, when you get to the airport, that your entire family stays together. Make sure that you kids understand how important it is not to go wandering off, even though they might be excited at all the new sights and sounds. Let your older children share the responsibility of carrying their own carry-on bags, and helping the younger ones through the security checkpoints so they don’t lose things like coins or even their shoes! The secret to a smooth family flight begins with a family functioning smoothly on the ground!

Perfect Golf Resort Family

If you do not yet know where you want to go to a golf resort then you should consider a Hawaiian golf resort. These are tremendously beautiful. There is no place else in the world that you could go to a golf resort and play golf in the middle of a lava field. A Hawaiian golf resort will also offer you rainforest courses among other gorgeous places. It is great this way because not only will you get to play your favorite game, you will also get to enjoy the singular beauty of Hawaii at the same time. The golf courses at this type of golf resort are unlike any other golf courses in the world.

A Caribbean golf resort is another wonderful and popular way to go. The weather will be as beautiful as the golf courses and there are also many of these golf resorts to choose from in terms of where you should stay. A golf resort in this part of the world is going to offer you amazing courses and friendly and knowledgeable staff that will be able to help you with anything that you might need while you are staying at the golf resort. You will also be able to find plenty for the rest of your family to do while you are out on the links if they do not enjoy golf as you do.

A golf resort is a great place to go when you just need a little break from the monotony of everyday life. We all need this break sometimes either with the family or without it and there is simply no better way to spend it than at a golf resort.

Awesome Atlantis

Before You Go

· There is a 15 percent gratuity on just about everything, from your hotel room to take-out food. Be prepared for this additional cost.

· Also, if you’re not traveling with a group, you could be responsible for a $200 deposit for each day you are staying. One woman we met was very surprised to find this out.

· The resort is enormous. And you will not find any shortcuts across the hotel and pool areas. As one staff member said, “There are no shortcuts at Atlantis.” In fact, most paths weave in and out of the resort (with awesome views), causing more steps to be traveled. We witnessed many unhappy little ones who refused to walk anymore. And some older folks who had to sit down at the many chairs located throughout the resort to catch their breath. It is a hike from the lobby to the hotel rooms to the pool to the restaurants.

· Atlantis is busy with lots of hustle and bustle. I loved it, however, one friend who calls me an action-kind of gal, thought it had too much commotion and preferred Ocean Club (a quieter part of Paradise Island).

· Don’t forget essentials like sunscreen. Resort prices are double and sometimes triple what you would pay for these items at home.

· Be prepared with bottled water (depending upon airport security) and snacks. Pack bottled water and snacks in a carry on suitcase with wheels. (You don’t want to actually carry this as it will be very heavy.) This will save you some money, especially if you have the family with you. Tuck a soft-sided cooler in your luggage. You can fill the cooler with ice and take it to the pool with you.

· Making calls to home. If you must call home, consider adding International calls to your cell phone plan. However, your cell phone might work, but then again, it might not. You can buy International calling cards (.51 a minute at press time) from a machine located near the casino to use on the public phones.


The meals were delicious throughout the resort and Marina Village. I can honestly say we never had one bad meal. Dinners at Atlas Sports Grille were probably the most reasonable of the restaurants we dined. Carmen’s serves family style with large-sized portions. Fathoms has lively entertainment (a fire eater and Bohemian dancer) scheduled at various times throughout the evening. Take your camera in case someone with you becomes part of the show. In the hotel lobby of the Royal Towers, you walk down the steps into the main restaurant. The atmosphere here is spectacular as you view the world’s largest aquarium. Only breakfast and dinner are served. Murray’s has awesome deli sandwiches (under $20 each) and one can actually feed two people with smaller appetites. The best “food” bargain of the resort is at Shark Bites Express. This is take-out and located poolside near the Mayan Temple. You can get 5 pieces of Grouper and fries for under $10.

Best Bargains

· The Ferry. For six dollars round trip per person, you can ride the ferry from Atlantis to Nassau. This gives you a great view of Paradise Island, some of the million-dollar homes and the beautiful landscaping. Take your camera.

· Straw Market. You can pick up any souvenirs you could probably think of at the Straw Market. Ask prices of items you’re interested in first to gauge what is really a good price. Don’t take the first price offered. Try to go to the Straw Market first thing in the morning, before the cruise ships pull into Nassau.

· Nassau dock. You’ll find several women selling bottled water and sports drinks for $1.00. This sure beats the $5.00 a bottle price tag at the resort.

· Nassau’s tourist shops. Take a trip to Nassau early in your stay to stock up on beverages, snacks and any forgotten item. The prices here are much cheaper than at the resort.

Some Ways Online Hotel Reservations

Get a good website and booking tool: Your value proposition is best expressed in your own way. Sure, OTA’s and portal websites provide various ways to promote your business, but they cannot be relied upon to broadcast your complete value. Go ahead, throw your favorite professional images, video, and copy into your listings. In every case, you’ll be limited to presenting your value in the ways prescribed. The only way to showcase your property with flexibility is to have a truly optimized, visually captivating website. If it looks cheap, then that’s what they’ll be willing to pay. And, if it looks like everyone else’s, then how can you expect a shopper to choose you above all other options? That’s right, cheaper pricing… AARGH!

Instead of relying on shoppers to finalize their purchase by selecting you from a list, take them by the hand and guide them to your beautiful website. Make it the best possible marketing tool combined with a holistic marketing approach in all other areas. In other words, keep your brand consistent and showcase hot deals, promotions, updates on your website with all other marketing. Then, get your guests to follow you (keep in touch) through new means of social media, email, and text marketing campaigns. This brings in repeat groups, guests, and generates word-of-mouth business.

Hello? Internet marketing anyone?: Your ultimate goal is to route guests to your website where your value proposition is presented effectively to then funnel guests to your online booking tool. This is where they should find making a reservation to be simple, secure, and informative. So, set up every inbound link properly. When you are creating your listing for your local Chamber or CVB, for example, write the copy in such a way that the reader will want to click to visit the website, use promotion codes for a special discounts, and encourage click-through’s by using a call to action (to visit the website) everywhere possible.

OTA’s can be a blessing: Use OTA’s the way they were meant to be used. You can sign up for Expedia and just leave yourself wide open to receive bookings that will fill your rooms year round. But, what are your margins? Do you pay franchise fees on top of your OTA fees? People, I am telling you, the world is now full of savvy travelers who know how to use the internet to shop around. Online comparison shopping rules the day. So, if you are not visible online, or even quickly accessible through an online search, then yes, you will forfeit your chances at earning a higher return simply because you have chosen to sacrifice higher margins for easy OTA bookings. Use the OTA’s only to fill empty rooms that could not be filled otherwise. This means you’ll have to actively control your room inventory for your OTA listings on a daily basis. If you don’t have time for this, delegate or outsource.

Budget Family Travel

The first thing you need of course is a daily budget. You want to decide exactly how much you’re going to spend every day for such things as gas if you are driving, hotel, tipping, taxi fare if you are not driving, meals, and spending money. Once you figure out how much you want to spend every day try to stick to it. If you spend a little less one day and you will have a little bit more to spend the next day.

Plan to travel off season. If you plan a vacation during the summer, budget family travel will be a lot harder to accomplish. What you want to do is try to plan your vacation at a time when the kids are normally in school. This is when you will usually find the best deals including excellent package deals and hotel discounts. Airfare will most likely be cheaper as well.

If you are planning to vacation in an area where there are theme parks which you want to visit, consider purchasing an annual pass instead of daily tickets. Usually these passes are about the equivalent of a couple of days worth of tickets. So if you’re going to be there for more than two days an annual pass is usually the least expensive route.

Consider renting an apartment or condo if you plan to stay for an extended period. A month-long stay in a hotel will be quite a bit more expensive than renting an apartment, so your savings will be substantial.