Mexican Luxury Resorts

Tahéima Wellness Resort And Spa

Talk about one of the best luxury Mexican resorts, this spa located in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico falls nothing short of glory in fulfilling your every inner-connection need. Some of the biggest standouts about this resort would have to be the Spa experience of the bathrooms (which are fortresses of oasis) in addition to the private pools. Many people love the vibrant as well as spacious suites with huge windows everywhere, allowing you to inhale the stimulating gusts of fresh coastal air from over the Pacific Ocean. This resort even offers packages that are ideal for romantic get always. From the extraordinary views of the Pacific to the romantic stroll through Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens, loved ones cannot help but to align as one in the perfect setting.

This resort will aid you in finding peace as well as becoming whole. Enjoy your very own personal assessment to focus on rejuvenation with, yoga, tai chi & Tai Bo classes. On the other hand, you can visit the spa to relax while getting a deep massage to melt away the tension topping it off with a natural therapy session. From the Culinary lessons that gives you tips on how to become an expert chef quick, to the zip line ride in the jungle canopy the Tahéima wellness resort and spa is without a double one of the top rated Mexican resorts.

Ceiba Del Mar Beach And Spa Resort

Located right off the shores of the beautiful Caribbean Sea you will find yet another one of the best Mexican beach resorts the Ceiba Del Mar Beach and Spa resort. In a place where the spirit of Mexico’s Mayan history is remotely near there will be many other amenities that certainly will not fail in capturing your attention. With intuitive activities like Bicycling, Kayaking, Tennis, Pilates, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Yoga, & Yachting this would be a resort that you will never forget.

If you just want to relax for your stay at this luxury Mexican resort, maybe a 60- minute massage would put you on cloud nine. Unlimited access to resort activities and facilities, luxury every where you focus your eyes this is the perfect place to go in Mexico.