Summer Family Vacation Resorts

Having fun is the main goal for those who want to go on a family vacation. Top vacation resorts that offer family-oriented accommodations abound, but they may differ in the kind of activities offered and in affordability. Safety is also another consideration when looking for a resort or hotel for whole families, especially families vacationing with small children. Childproofing is important especially when bringing small kids along.

Top resorts for families do not just boast of pools and kiddie playgrounds as the main attractions. Today top family-oriented vacation resorts and hotels offer whole-day activities such as kids educational tours, art workshops and sports camps for kids, private babysitting for when the parents want a couple of hours by themselves, as well as amenities for babies and kids such as strollers, high chairs, and step stools, to name a few. The more opulent the resort, the more activities geared towards keeping kids entertained are there to choose from. The best resorts may also have dining establishments that cater to kids alone.

Families going on cheap family vacations can do without the opulent packages of educational tours and camps, but factors such as safety should be top priority when considering a vacation resort. Resorts should have childproofed amenities as well as packages that allow parents to share accommodations with the kids. Swimming pools and other recreational areas should come with ample security and round-the-clock lifeguards for the hotel swimming pools and other water activities. A specialized menu for kids should also be available. Five-star dining is always great, but five-year olds may not appreciate gourmet dinners as much as the parents will.

Deciding among the many options of family vacation resorts can be daunting. However, one can concentrate on the primary considerations such as safety, food and entertainment in order to narrow down the list of choices. One can also ask for referrals from friends or travel agents about which vacation resorts cater best to family vacationers.

Bangkok No Joiner Fee Hotels

Guest friendly hotels do not require their guest to pay a joiner fee, however, for your safety your companion must hand in a Thai I.D. card to security for holding, which will be returned when your companion leaves.

On some Internet forums there are tips that recommend that you should book a room for two, and that would justify you to not pay a joiner fee. Sounds like it would work right? Well if only it’s that easy. Non guest friendly hotels want to make extra money. Since the sex trade is so much in demand they’ll try to make extra money off of you. The odds are already stacked against you.

So say for example you book a room for two in a non guest friendly hotel in Bangkok for 5 nights. The first night you take your companion back to your hotel. Since it’s night time, hotel security will scrutinize you and your guest. 9 out of 10 times a guard can always spot a prostitute. Even if you rant and rave and complain until your face turns blue that you already booked a room for two,  hotel management will still demand you pay a joiner fee. And if you threaten to check out early… well good luck on getting your money back for your remaining room reservation. That’s just the way things work in Bangkok. And hotel management knows eventually you’ll give in. After all they know they’re guest will not send away their companion.

The best thing to do is to book a hotel that is guest friendly to avoid the hassle of paying a joiner fee. Guest friendly hotels are located mainly in the Sukhumvit district of Bangkok. It’s a tourist friendly location, meaning there are plenty of international restaurants and shopping all around. Plus it doesn’t hurt that Sukhumvit contains two of Bangkok’s raunchiest red light districts such as Soi Cowboy and Nana.

Keep in mind that guest friendly hotels are very popular and in demand. Not only because they are girl friendly but because they are very affordable and the hotel property is very well maintained with a high standard in service. So it’s best to book far in advance and be prepared to pick second and third choices to increase the chance of staying in a guest friendly hotel.

Information about Beaches Resorts

I also love to travel to all-inclusive resorts. After all, nobody wants to be stuck carrying money with them constantly and having to worry about how much to pay, what the exchange rate it, and if there is something affordable to do that day. That isn’t a worry in the least when it comes to all-inclusive resorts. I have a favorite all-inclusive resort that I always recommend to everyone.

You should never pass on the chance to vacation at Beaches resorts because they are absolutely wonderful. I have not yet found any Beaches resorts that have been disappointing or a waste of my time and money. You can get away with not carrying money around and having to worry about your expenses because the Beaches resorts are all-inclusive. You can have lobster, and all the dessert and snacks you could ever hope for at Beaches resorts.

Beaches resorts all have wonderful rooms for their guests and lots of activities and entertainment to keep you busy. This is ideal if all you want to do is relax. In fact, relaxation and fun is what these resorts are all about.

I was pretty reluctant during the first time that I ever booked a Beaches resorts vacation. You see, I had a particular budget in my head, and they wanted me to spend more than that. My travel agent explained to me that I’d be spending a small fortune in meals, drinks and tips without an all-inclusive package. To be honest, I had not thought about that.

I found out that she was right when I went home to compare prices and packages. I discovered that I was spending more than I would be to stay at any of the Beaches resorts if I add up my airfare and accommodations expenses on my past travels. I quickly booked the vacation and never regretted it for one second.

Some Tricks Family Flight

When you start packing for the flight, you should make sure each of your kids has a carry-on bag with some games or books to keep them all entertained while you’re aloft. Once the novelty of being thirty thousand feet above the Earth has worn off, they could easily become restless in their confined quarters so you need something fun for them to do.

For your smallest children you can pack books to read to them, along with one or tow of their favorite plush toys to help them feel secure. Your older kids can bring along their video games, DVD players, playing cards, or books.

No matter what you do don’t forget to pack snacks for your kids. Many airlines have given up their in-flight meals, and the ones which still serve them don’t always have food which appeals to kids. While you can arrive at the airport early enough to get snacks after you’ve cleared the security check lands, airport food is notoriously expensive Your best option is to make sure everyone leaves home on a full stomach, and that you’ve reserved one carry-on bag with a favorite snack for each child.

Remember that the airlines have now placed limits on the amount of bottled liquids you can carry through security. So bring along an empty container and fill it with water from an airport fountain before your board your flight, if you don’t want to spend the money on airport sodas. You don’t want your kids to become dehydrated during your flight.

You can carry a single bottle of formula if you’re flying with an infant. Be sure to pack some formula powder with your baby’s supplies to mix with some of that airport water if you need it. You can also brink small bottles of juice for your older kids, but check with the airline in advance to make sure they’re the right size.

It’s critical, when you get to the airport, that your entire family stays together. Make sure that you kids understand how important it is not to go wandering off, even though they might be excited at all the new sights and sounds. Let your older children share the responsibility of carrying their own carry-on bags, and helping the younger ones through the security checkpoints so they don’t lose things like coins or even their shoes! The secret to a smooth family flight begins with a family functioning smoothly on the ground!